When Water is just Not Enough

We provide you IV fluids on demand to reverse dehydration when drinking fluids is not an option

Look, Feel, & Perform Better With iVee Hydration

iVee is an Oklahoma City based on-demand mobile IV hydration company. We deliver IV solutions to homes, businesses, events, hotels, and more, to quickly relieve a wide variety of dehydration related conditions. Our medical professionals come directly to you to provide you with your personalized IV therapy solution.

Refresh & Revitalize - iVee Mobile IV Hydration Therapy

Refresh & Revitalize

Whether you are in search of a quick energy boost or just hydration maintenance, we've got you covered. These infusions cover all the bases and are a great option for people looking to regularly benefit from hydration therapy. Modeled after similar infusions used by the acclaimed doctor, John Meyer MD, our blend of infusions are best for dehydration, skin appearance, stress, and decreased energy.

Performance Boost - iVee Mobile IV Hydration Therapy

Performance Boost

Whether you're a professional athlete or just like to push yourself to the limits, our unique athletic performance boost drip is sure to help you. Muscle fatigue and dehydration are combated at an extreme level. Improve your athletic performance and recovery with our powerful blend to keep you performing your best.


If stress, sleep, and travel make you sick, then the best way to ensure you stay healthy is to make sure your immune system is at full strength to take on any invaders. Adequate levels of hydration are an essential part of a healthy immune system and iVee has just the infusion to keep you at your best.  Let our team come to you and give you the edge you need to feel better when you are suffering from a common cold or other viral illness. 

Hangover & 421 Recovery - iVee Mobile IV Hydration Therapy


Our Hangover blend combines fluids and electrolytes to rehydrate you after a night of overindulging. Our blend of intravenous fluids, vitamins, and therapies combine to help you recover and get you on your feet again. Do not let what you did last night keep you from achieving your goals today. Call and schedule your iVee hydration therapy today.

Now Available In Oklahoma City

Stay on top of your game! Combat dehydration and re-energize faster!

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At iVee, we are actively hiring experienced nurses to bring IV infusion therapies directly to the consumer. We welcome you to join our team and strive to provide excellence to our community.

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