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Brain Fog & Marijuana

​Brain fog & Marijuana  ​As research begins to unlock how long-term marijuana use affects the brain, scientist are finding biochemical basis for the side effects of marijuana use. It has been know for years that use of powerful strains of marijuana containing high levels of THC can leave the user in a “brain fog” several […]

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OTC Supplements & 803b Pharmacy - iVee Mobile IV Hydration Therapy

OTC Supplements & 803b Pharmacy

​OTC Supplements & 803b Pharmacy  ​By the year 2025, Over The Counter (OTC) supplements and vitamins are expected to gross close to 200 billion dollars a year in total market shares. ​This is a staggering figure and contributes significantly to the nations economy. The frightening underbelly to this industry is the lack of oversight and […]

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Dehydration - iVee Mobile IV Hydration Therapy

What Is Dehydration?

​​What is dehydration?  ​Dehydration is simply your body not having as much water as it needs to function properly.​Causes of dehydration​There are many causes of dehydration such as excessive sweating, prolonged heat exposure, vomiting, diarrhea, or excessive alcohol consumption. All of these lead to decreased water stores in the body which can be classified as […]

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