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​Brain fog & Marijuana  

​As research begins to unlock how long-term marijuana use affects the brain, scientist are finding biochemical basis for the side effects of marijuana use. It has been know for years that use of powerful strains of marijuana containing high levels of THC can leave the user in a “brain fog” several days after use.

What is Brain Fog?

This fog is described as a slowing of thoughts, inability to recall short term memories, emotional distancing, and poor concentration. These effects can linger long after sobering up and can affect a persons ability to function at a high level of alertness. 

Antidotes to Brain fog

Animal models demonstrate how marijuana use affects several neurotransmitters and metabolic pathways in the brain. A study of rats points to acetylcholine depletion in their brains when they are given marijuana long-term. Another study points to potential improvements in neurological scores of patients when treated with citicoline. Citicoline, made of choline and cytidine, is a precursor of acetylcholine. This neurotransmitter is important in memory, focus, and attention.

​Hydration Therapy helps Brain Fog

Dehydration has also been postulated as a contributing factor to brain fog along with lack of sleep and vitamin deficiency, such as Vitamin B12. As cannabis use becomes main stream, more and more people will experience the side effects of chronic use and could potentially benefit from hydration therapy. Adequate hydration, vitamin levels, sleep and exercise all contribute to overall health and well being.

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