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​OTC Supplements & 803b Pharmacy  

​By the year 2025, Over The Counter (OTC) supplements and vitamins are expected to gross close to 200 billion dollars a year in total market shares. ​This is a staggering figure and contributes significantly to the nations economy.

The frightening underbelly to this industry is the lack of oversight and misleading or dangerous ingredients sometimes found contained in the bottles. The FDA banned the sale of workout and weight loss supplements containing Ephedra alkaloids in 2004 after a series of adverse outcomes were reported. This led to other compounds being substituted which also have similar adverse outcomes and risks to consumers. The world anti doping agency for example lists Higenamine as a banned substance and yet as late as 2018 it was legal in the USA and could be found in supplements.

​Should You trust Over The Counter Supplements?

Vitamin supplements make up a huge percentage of the market in ​OTC supplements. According to some watchdog sites, a worrisome number of the oral forms do not meet standards for purity.

Unlike new drugs, dietary supplements are not reviewed and approved by FDA based on their safety and effectiveness which is worrisome on several levels. The most important being when you take a supplement you are trusting that you are actually taking what is labeled. If the producers used fillers, dyes, anti caking agents or cheaply sourced ingredients, you may be receiving far less than advertised. The worst case could be that what you are ingesting is dangerous to your health. On top of this you have paid your hard earned money to only receive a portion of what the bottle is advertised to contain.

Since 2013, Congress has enacted the Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA). The DQSA is regulated by the FDA and governs compounding pharmacies that produce drugs for human use. This gave the FDA the authority to inspect, regulate, and police compounding pharmacies that register with the FDA. These requirements for outsourcing pharmacies include but are not limited to: current good manufacturing practice, inspections based on a risk-based schedule, maintaining certain conditions on reporting of compounded products and any adverse events related to their products.

​iVee Aquires From FDA ​Regulated Sources

​iVee was created by health care professionals to promote health and wellness for our customers. Our products are acquired from FDA regulated sources and our compounded products from 803b compliant sources​ for our customers safety.

You can trust that every measure has been taken to ensure that we are providing the best quality and purity of ingredients for our customers.

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