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​iVee is an Oklahoma City based ​on-demand mobile IV hydration company. We ​deliver ​IV solutions to homes, businesses, events, hotels, and more, to quickly relieve a wide variety of dehydration related conditions. ​Our ​medical professionals come directly to you​ to provide you with your personalized IV ​therapy solution.

​iVee was formed by Dr. James Simonson and Mike Giese who have a combined medical background of over 40 years in Anesthesia, Cardiovascular Perfusion, Radiology, Operating room, and more.

Instead of taking valuable time from work, navigating traffic to get to a clinic, or risking exposure to illness in a waiting room, schedule an IV so our team can come directly to you.

Our elective IV infusion ​therapies are tailor made at your location.  ​iVee  providers receive background checks, and all credentials are verified, while proudly putting discretion and superior care foremost.  Our medical records are completely HIPAA compliant to protect you.

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​Now Available In Oklahoma City

Stay on top of your game! Combat dehydration and re-energize faster!

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​At ​iVee, we are actively hiring experienced nurses to bring IV infusion therapies directly to the consumer. We welcome you to join our team and strive to provide excellence to our community.

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